Our company is based on the idea of bringing the most luxurious and exclusive mobile phones to the worldwide market.

Throughout history popular products have been available in a luxury form for the people who are not satisfied with mediocre quality and appearance. Now that mobile phone is the most common electronic device we decided to fill the market gap by being the first company offering bespoke mobile phones which truely fall into the category of bespoke luxury. Each product is custom-made to the customers specifications with exclusive materials and features.

Through combination of precious materials with art and highest quality craftsmanship, each phone is crafted with passion and extensive work to create a completely unique product impossible to match in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Our team of artisans consists of highly skilled and experienced people in their area of expertise such as hand engraving, stone-setting, machining, precious metal plating and finishing. Therefore each step in the crafting process is taken care of by an expert and the outcome is nothing less than perfection. Our products are for the discerning clients who appreciate true quality and settle for nothing but the best.