Throughout history the most prestigious and exclusive items have always been bespoke made, our vision is to revive this form of luxury, emphasizing craftsmanship and unique approach to design – for customers who appreciate creations that reflect their unique style and values.

We started as the first company to offer bespoke luxury electronics and still are the only company offering bespoke electronics that are handcrafted like jewelry by experienced artisans. In the process of materializing our design ideas for phones we got acquainted with several highly skilled craftsmen from Finland and other European countries and are now offering their craftsmanship to clients worldwide in the form of bespoke luxury creations.

For each customer we are proud to craft a unique creation that will reflect their style and personality, from engagement ring to a cigar lighter – our bespoke catalog covers a wide range of products and is expanding. High level of craftsmanship, attention to detail and unique designs are the cornerstones of our company.

For contact details and more information about our products, write us a message through the contact form.