Our earrings are made to order with decades of experience by our jewelers who are among the Europe’s finest. You can commission your bespoke earrings in any of the following ways:

-Order a duplicate of any of the earrings pictured here, identical to the pictures or with your choice of gemstones and metal. These earrings were made by the same jewelers who will craft your earrings.
-Send us a picture or a drawing of the earrings you would like to order: we can create a duplicate of it or create it with your desired features
-Write us the description of the design and materials of your desired earrings and we will make you a drawing or a 3d file for a fee, once you confirm the design is suitable, you can place the order

Your choice of:
Design, Precious Metal, Gemstones, Hot Enamel(most colors available), Hand Engraved Inscription or Hand Engraved Design

Use our contact form to place an order for the perfect earrings made just for you or as a very special gift.
Prices start at 500 euros and minimum crafting time is three weeks.

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