Discover the art of gemstone carving with us – our two master gem carvers are one of the very best in the world.


These three rare and incredibly lifelike faberge style flowers are ready for shipping from our gemstone carver’s workshop.

Flowering garden pea – Price 3520 € – Height 200mm | Materials: green and black nephrite, quartz, petrified wood – 4 grams of 585 gold, 13 grams of 925 silver  Summer bouquet – Price 5200 € – Height 140mm | Materials: nephrite, quartz, pink opal, blue agate, hot enamel – 14 grams of 585 gold, 13 grams of 925 silver – diamonds 1.6mm 3 pieces, 1.2mm 8 pieces Clover – Price 2900 € – Height 120mm | Materials: nephrite, pink and white opal, quartz, obsidian – 1.2mm diamonds 9 pieces, 585 gold 7 grams, silver 925 3 grams

We also offer bespoke gemstone flowers. Send us a description or a picture of the bouquet/plants you would like to order and we will get you a price quote. Here you can see some examples of the possibilities, we also offer gemstone brooches. The last picture shows the wooden box type used for shipping.


Without limits to the design possibilities and gemstones used we offer bespoke gemstone sculptures and pendants, please see the pictures below for possibilities and ideas. Gemstone prices vary noticeably so to start discussing your order, we suggest that you write us initially the desired theme and color of the sculpture and your budget: we will then suggest you the best available gemstones. Prices start at 2000 euros.