We offer knife customization service for high end knives – hand engraving and jewelry work. We employ a few exceptionally skilled hand engravers who can do engravings of exceptional quality and complexity. We can do traditional engraving with black ink, with gold inlays or with more vivid colors such as white and brown as seen in the examples below, these were made by one of our hand engraving masters. We also offer bulino style hand engraving, as seen below in the small folder knife that was designed and organized by us for a retailer. Our jeweler can do gemstone setting and gold decorations of high complexity for luxury knives, as seen in the knife with gemstone handle. These kind of knives with stone handles are described and offered on our knives page.

If you have a knife you would like to customize in the spirit of the knives seen on this or our knives page, send us a description or picture of the customization work you would like to have done on your knife and we’ll give you a quote and production time. We can also create a design for you for a fee. Prices for knife customization work start at 800 euros and minimum production time is 6 weeks.

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