Cohiba luxury iPhone

This Cohiba luxury iPhone is our tribute to the finest cigar brand in the world. Our crafting process is similar to the production of the Cohiba cigars in the sense that it takes a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to create a single product. The iconic Taino Indian head logo is made of solid 18 karat gold to emphasize the gold theme found in Cohiba’s premium quality Behike cigars. The squares are machined into a solid silver plate and the spaces are filled with black enamel to give a unique inlaid appearance. Customization options for this model are limited but we can offer space gray sides on the phone, hand engraved lower logo plate and platinum plated squares.
The Cohiba model comes with a luxury presentation box, certificate of authenticity, custom leather pouch and 24 karat gold plated earpods.

Luxury iPhone – Cohiba by Legend Helsinki | Custom Luxury Creation with Cigar theme

Cohiba, Luxury iPhone featuring 24k gold and enamel