Heritage 24k Gold Custom iPhone

The Heritage pays tribute to Apple as a pioneering company in the world of personal computers. Going back to 1976, the “Apple Computer Co.” logo with Isaac Newton was introduced, just a year before the iconic rainbow Apple logo. We have used both logos in this model to pay tribute to the roots of the company. The Newton logo can be engraved by hand, laser or relief laser(3D). For the rainbow lines of the apple logo we use enamel paint on gold plated frame.
The back is gold plated silver. Additional customization options are available such as custom apple logo or silver back like in the aurum bicolor model.
The Heritage comes with a presentation box, gold plated earpods, certificate of authenticity and a custom leather pouch.

Custom iPhone 24k gold plated | Heritage by Legend Helsinki, featuring rainbow apple and newton logo from the seventies |  Luxury iPhone Creation

Luxury Custom iPhone with 24 karat gold plating – heritage by Legend